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Mar. 1st, 2017 05:21 am
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Fill: 10/? Re: Gladio/Noctis - war prize AU

Date: 2017-03-09 10:17 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
"Okay, self, now's your chance to write a short kinky story," I said. "Don't make it into A Thing," I said.


Gladio had been trained to walk quietly. It was a skill his father taught him early, and had proven itself useful in a world where the threat of assassination was more than just a passing notion. It became a habit, one that most did not expect of the larger man, and it was the only thing that prevented Gladio from being detected now, as he turned up the stairs towards his private suites and saw a figure standing in the hall.

He fell back behind the partition just at the end of the stairwell. Captain Drautos had been leaning into the darkness of an alcove, his low voice reverberating in the empty hall. Gods, Gladio hoped he didn’t have a lover with him. The way the man had pressed both hands against the wall on either side of the alcove, and by the cold smile on his lips, it seemed obvious that someone was there.

“You don’t have a claim on me.”

That was Noctis’ voice, as haughty and cold as it had been those first few days at Gladiolus’ fortress, dripping with noble disdain. What was he doing out of the room? Had the attendant not even bothered to cuff him, or lock him out? Had he just sent him up and walked off, certain that Noct’s recently compliant behavior would be enough? Gladio adjusted his position on the stair to mask his shadow, and shook his head at the way anger made fools out of the best men. Anyone could have been listening, and the two of them were barely bothering to whisper.

“That’s right,” said the captain. “You’re in the hands of King Gladiolus now. How hard did you have to beg for him not to strike you down? Or is he waiting until after the surrender?”

“I didn’t beg for my life.”

“No.” Drautos’ voice lowered. “No, I’d bet you begged him to take it.” There was a silence. “You did. You did, didn’t you, and he didn’t even find your life worth enough to take—

“Don’t.” Noctis sounded almost raw. “You don’t mean that. You used to say, you said I—“

Noctis made a noise somewhere between a grunt and a whine, and there was a sound of jingling metal.

“Who set the fire?” Captain Drautos asked.

“I did,” came the whispered response. It sounded rote, practiced, a script Noctis had heard before.

“Who cost us the war?”

“You. Fuck.” There was a rough scrape of cloth, and the thump of a fist against the wall.

Who cost us the—“

“I did! I did.” Noctis’ voice was breathy and high. “I was too reckless, I should have seen it, should have known. You know I know this, Titus. You of all people.”

There was another thud, a vibration in the wall, and a low, unfamiliar laugh.

“You don’t have the right to call me by my name.”

For a moment, all that could be heard was their breathing, and the slow slide of a boot against the carpet.

“Who has you by the balls, Titus?” Noct spoke in a light tone. “Not King Gladiolus. I’ve seen enough to know that. Tenebrae? Niflheim? Accor—“

A hitch of breath. “You planning to whore yourself out to them, too? Get the boy king to pass you around? He looked almost used to you. Does he curse you, when he spreads you open—

Gladiolus had heard more than enough. He quietly backed down a few steps and laid a foot heavily on the stair. “Don’t mind me, Cor!” he called, over his shoulder. “Just a few glasses of champagne.”

He climbed the steps slowly, taking care to make as much noise as an inebriated boy king could conceivably manage. By the time he made it to the hall, it was empty, but the shadow in the alcove was a shade darker than it ought to be. He padded silently towards it, and looked down at the wretched form of Noctis, digging his hands in his dark hair as though he wanted to rip it out by the roots.

Cold blue eyes met amber, and didn’t look away.

Noctis sank to the floor as soon as Gladiolus locked the door to his suites. Gladio ignored him, and walked on into the bedroom, where he pulled his phone from the top drawer next to the bed, flipped through it, and pressed a button. A static white noise filled the room, like a broken down air conditioning unit.

“Come here,” he said, pitching his voice over the dull roar. Noctis hesitated, and started to crouch forward. “No. Walk to me, like a man.”

Slowly, eyes almost closed in the dark of Gladiolus’ rooms, Noctis went to him.

“Keep your voice low, and no one will hear us,” Gladio said, when Noctis was standing just a few feet away. “Did he hurt you?” He lifted Noct’s chin, pulled back his hair, and checked his neck for bruises. Noctis stood utterly still and quiet, shifting when needed and fixing his gaze to a spot just to the right of Gladio’s ear.

“He didn’t hurt me,” he said, after a minute of this. “Took the wind out of me, held me down, but didn’t hurt me.”

“I’m gonna say that counts as hurting,” Gladio said, gruffly. “Noctis. A while back, you said you came to me. You walked from your camp to mine, on your own. But it wasn’t to honor the treaty.”

“No,” Noctis said, dully. “It wasn’t.”

“It was Drautos. You suspect him of being a double agent? A traitor?” The other man nodded. “Why would you think Captain Drautos is in my pocket?”

Noct’s voice was very soft indeed. “You had the most to gain.”


Noctis took a shaky breath. “May I—may I sit? Please?” Gladio waved an arm in approval, and Noct fell back against the bed. He toyed with the crystals under his right ear, making them wink in the light through the window.

“I started training under the Kingsglaive when I was fourteen,” he said. He continued to run his thumb and forefinger over his earring, letting it trail over his skin like a wave. “I was a prodigy. We usually are, in the line of Lucis. Dad taught me the basics, how to throw lightning, how to pull up a wall… but he turned me over to Drautos. It made sense. And he was… he was nice. Complimented me. Told me I was going to be the king of kings, the one who brought glory back to Lucis. It was good to be useful, have a purpose.”

“The day your dad died…” His gaze flicked to Gladio for a hairs breadth of a second. “That was supposed to be the start of it. End the feud with the Amicitias, cement my place as a hero. So Drautos and I, we made a plan. We knew where King Clarus Amicitia was going to charge that morning. We purposely made a weakness in the ranks, one we knew he’d try to exploit.”

Gladio felt his blood run cold. Noctis drew his knees to his chest with a clatter of necklaces and bangles.

“I didn’t say it was honorable,” he said. “But I was to strike just him. Just him. When I say I’m a prodigy, I mean it. I can hit one bullet out of a sky full of them, if I have to. When I cast my spell, it hit King Clarus. Only King Clarus.” Gladio made to interrupt, and Noctis rushed to fill in the empty space. “When he struck the ground, he was still burning. That’s how the magic works, it’s—powerful. And then… Turns out the lines in the ground that Drautos had ordered to be filled with oil were lit. Someone had buried pots of it under the sand. When I came back to check, I saw pottery, bits of it, in rows.”

“That’s insane,” Gladio said, slowly. He remembered watching Noctis walk through the scorched earth of the battleground, after, head down. Remembered how small he’d seemed, how impassive his expression. “I saw—“

“Did you?” Normally, there was just a hint of a wild spark in Noctis’ eyes. Now, they blazed with it. “Did you see it? How did the fire burn, Your Majesty?”

Gladio forced himself to think back to that terrible day. He hadn’t seen his father die, but he had seen the first bout of flame. And then the second, and the third, jetting forth across the battlefield like a wave.

“It was made to look like a spell,” Noctis said. “A great spell. Da—the King, he said it was the only explanation. For all he knew, I’d drawn from the power of the crystal to kill my own people. I was dead to him then, and Drautos took my place at his right side.”

Gladiolus fumbled for his chair and sat heavily. He carded his fingers through his hair. “Do you have proof of this?”

Noctis’ laugh was cold. “Would I be here if I did? But before I walked into the pyre the day I came here, he told me. He knew it was too late, I’d already proven my reputation on the battlefield, all those times, trying to die. He figured you’d execute me. So did I.” His voice trailed off at that, and Gladio forced himself to look at him again.

“And you came here because you thought he worked for me?

“You won the war.” Noctis shrugged.

“My father died on that battlefield,” Gladiolus said. “Do you think I’m the kind of person who would orchestrate my own father’s—“

“You aren’t!” Noctis’ voice rose dangerously, over the hum of the white noise. His fists were clenched in the sheets of the bed, and he slowly released them, shaking out his hands. “I know that. I’ve seen it. I was wrong.”

“But then… What’s Drautos planning?” Gladio asked. “Why go through all this? Why hand me Lucis?”

“I don’t know,” Noct admitted. “He wanted us weak… If he isn’t working for you… Maybe it’s someone else. Maybe it’s just him, wanting me out of the way. Nyx isn’t of the Lucian line. There are too many things that can go wrong.”

Gladio breathed in deep, turning his gaze to the ceiling. “Astrals,” he said. “What have I inherited?” When he looked back to Noctis, the young man was shaking slightly, as he had when he’d bowed before his father, and he refused to meet Gladio’s eyes. “Hey. Noctis. Look at me.”

“You shouldn’t’ve been dragged into this,” he said. He turned his back to the king. “I don’t blame you for hating me. For choosing me. If I hadn’t killed your father, none of this—“

Gladio climbed onto the bed next to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. Noct flinched away.

“Prince Noctis.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“What happened on that battlefield, it wasn’t you.”

Noct barked out an awful laugh. “Do you blame the man who pours the oil, or the man who lights the fire?”

“You were tricked into it,” he insisted. He thought of the scars on Noctis’ back, the vindictive way he seemed to own them, the terrors that woke him in the night. “Drautos didn’t take any of the blame. Was he whipped for his pains, Noctis?”

Noct closed his eyes.

Gladio didn’t trust himself to speak after that. He pulled at Noct’s shoulders, leaning the younger man against his chest, and held him that way for a moment, stiff and unmoving in his arms. When he finally started to relax, Gladio sighed.

“Let’s turn in for the night,” he said. “You won’t—“ When Noctis slipped out of his hold and started lowering himself to the floor, Gladio felt monstrous. All this time, he’d been punishing Noctis as well, and he’d—

“Not like that. Astrals, stop.” He pulled the other man back up, and turned him around. Noct refused to look at him even as the king carefully lifted off every necklace, every bracelet, the stones in his hair and at his ears. For a moment, Gladio’s hand lingered on the stasis collar at his neck, and felt warm fingers close over his.

“Leave it,” the young man whispered.

When he looked more of a man and less of what the war had made of him, Noctis silently climbed into the covers. He rolled himself towards Gladio when the king settled down next to him.

“You deserved better than this,” Gladio said. He couldn’t be sure if Noctis was even listening, but it had to be said. He repeated the words in Noctis’ own tongue, and the man who had once been a prince shook his head, buried his face in the crook of Gladio’s arm, and breathed harsh and ragged against his skin.


Honestly what have I done

Re: Fill: 10/? Re: Gladio/Noctis - war prize AU

Date: 2017-03-09 11:20 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
You have done beautiful work my dear, that's what you have done. I check back every hour to see if something new has been posted since I just love this fic so much. :D

Re: Fill: 10/? Re: Gladio/Noctis - war prize AU

Date: 2017-03-09 11:39 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Only wonderful things, I promise.

This fill is so worth the price of admission. It's awesome! Thank you for sharing it!!

Re: Fill: 10/? Re: Gladio/Noctis - war prize AU

Date: 2017-03-09 11:46 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
You've made a brilliant story, is what you've done. I love this so much. I love me some long plotty fic!

Re: Fill: 10/? Re: Gladio/Noctis - war prize AU

Date: 2017-03-09 11:47 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
OP here

This is freaking amazing I don't even have words. So glad I checked this thank you :)))

Re: Fill: 10/? Re: Gladio/Noctis - war prize AU

Date: 2017-03-10 03:22 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
aaaaaa thank you, I'm so glad

Y'all are all so nice

Re: Fill: 10/? Re: Gladio/Noctis - war prize AU

Date: 2017-03-10 05:50 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
How is this so good!!! Was almost late to work because I idly checked to see if you updated, and you did, and of course I had to spend a few more minutes rereading everything. WORTH IT.


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