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Thank you to everyone who has worked hard to make the kinkmeme a fun, welcoming experience, and special thanks to our wonderful volunteer pinners who are doing a great job trying to keep the meme searchable.

Unfortunately, life has gotten busy over the last few weeks for us mods, so we're only checking the community and the Ask-a-Mod post once a day. This means that your questions or mod calls might go longer than usual without being noticed (which some of you might have realized already). Hopefully, things will slow down for us during the next few weeks.

In the meantime, we hope that everyone will continue to get along and act in good faith. We ask that people not feed any trolls or meme-police types if you see them, as that would create more work for us mods when we do check up on the meme. I don't expect this will cause too many problems as almost everyone in the meme acts politely and respectful so far. If we continue this way, these next few weeks shouldn't be an issue for us.

Thank you again to everyone who has contributed to the kinkmeme, whether with fills, prompts, or volunteering to work on the pinboard. Keep prompting and filling!


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