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Hello everyone!

Our community get bigger every day, which is great in regards to getting lots of awesome prompts and fills. Unfortunately, it also means that keeping the pinboard complete and organized is getting a little more time-consuming than most of us would like. Our volunteer pinners are doing an awesome job, but we (the mods) are getting worried that the workload is getting a little too demanding for them.

Fortunately, decreasing the workload is would be a matter of getting more hands on deck. To make pinning more manageable, we're calling for more volunteers. No worries if you've never used pinboard. I had never used it either, but [personal profile] ffxv_kinkmod made an easy-to-follow tutorial video. If you choose to volunteer, you there would be no minimum number of prompts or fills you have to pin, and no minimum number of hours/days you would have to volunteer. There are no "shifts", and no specific assignments for any individual pinner. You would volunteer as much (or as little) time and effort as you're comfortable with. And you would be able to quit anytime you want without needing to provide any explanation.

The pinboard is a great resource for the kinkmeme. Please comment with a way for us to contact you if you're interested. All comments to this post are screened, so don't worry about de-anoning.

Thank you!
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