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Izunia/Ardyn - They were in a relationship

Date: 2017-03-03 01:26 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I was thinking like, perhaps thse two used to be lovers and it hurt Izunia to turn his back on Ardyn. Idk

Re: Izunia/Ardyn - They were in a relationship

Date: 2017-03-03 09:59 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Omg, I had the same thought! Seconded as I would love to see this interpretation!

Emergency elemency first aid - gen

Date: 2017-03-03 01:26 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I'd like a serious fic about the trials and tribulations of using elemancy.

(I MAY be a little traumatized by constantly hearing Prompto s c r e a m i n g every time he got hit with fire, lol. Fucking friendly fire...).

Anyway, I'm thinking the caster has to tend to the serious burns of their friends. Or having to do cpr on someone because a lightning spell stopped their heart. Or having to treat hypothermia, etc.

Eventual use of potions, etc, is fine (maybe they've run out of healing items, idk), but I'd like the fic to focus on the emergency first aid element.

Re: Emergency elemency first aid - gen

Date: 2017-03-03 01:39 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Yes, yes, someone fill this!!

Re: Emergency elemency first aid - gen

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Re: Emergency elemency first aid - gen

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2017-03-03 03:06 am (UTC) - Expand
From: (Anonymous)
(If someone has already written something like this, please so send me a link)

Basically, the morbid part of me thinks that the carnival in Altissia is one big death hallucination on Noctis' part. His spirit having gone through something so awful that Carbuncle wanted to give him a little slice of joy before he ~moves on~ (which, yeah, I'm sure the afterlife is cool too, but Noctis isn't really ready to let go of life yet, so he ignores all signs that something isn't quite right in favour of being happy)

Bonus points for Noctis realizing he's dead in the end, because Carbuncle doesn't usually show up in real life. And because he can't find his friends anywhere. (Or maybe Regis and Luna shows up in the end to guide him to heaven?)
From: (Anonymous)
Oh god, yes. Someone, rip my heart out plz ;_;

Re: Carnival is the afterlife, but Noctis pretends otherwise

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Re: Carnival is the afterlife, but Noctis pretends otherwise

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Re: Carnival is the afterlife, but Noctis pretends otherwise

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Regis + Ravus&Noct - Tenebrae AU

Date: 2017-03-03 02:33 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
The first time Regis saw his child since the Invasion of Tenebrae was in an Altissian newspaper; the picture was of High Commander Ravus Nox Fleuret dancing with an androgynous person in sylleblossom blue on Leviathan's Altar.

+Luna got out with Regis instead
++Does the empire know who keeps Ravus company?
+++Prompto ends up hanging with Luna and her "dogs"
++++Noctis has had no contact with anyone in Lucis.
++++++++Noctis thinks Aranea is awesome

Re: Regis + Ravus&Noct - Tenebrae AU

Date: 2017-03-04 04:23 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I love these kinds of what ifs!

Microfill Re: Regis + Ravus&Noct - Tenebrae AU

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Ravus/Ignis Mommykink

Date: 2017-03-03 02:39 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Listen, we know Ravus has some serious mommy problems. I don't even care how it happens, but I want Ignis to show him all the motherly affection he's been missing. Someone needs to care for that boy.

++++++ If you can somehow work lactation into this.

Re: Ravus/Ignis Mommykink

Date: 2017-03-03 07:41 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Potential A!Anon here...Lactation isn't usually my thing but I'm intrigued. Are you okay with the mommykink being more of a praisekink on Ravus's part, with Ignis getting a lot out of taking care of him like making sure he eats, etc, and Ravus enjoying making Ignis happy (and this following into the bedroom....)....then somehow lactation/drug-induced lactation and Ravus is all too eager to help Ignis out.

If this isn't what you're looking for please say or correct me :)


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Re: Ravus/Ignis Mommykink

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Re: Ravus/Ignis Mommykink

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Re: FILL: "Chin Up" Ravus/Ignis Mommykink Part 1/?

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Re: FILL: "Chin Up" Ravus/Ignis Mommykink Part 2/?

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Re: FILL: "Chin Up" Ravus/Ignis Mommykink Part 3/?

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Re: FILL: "Chin Up" Ravus/Ignis Mommykink Part 4/?

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Re: FILL: "Chin Up" Ravus/Ignis Mommykink Part 4/4

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Re: FILL: "Chin Up" Ravus/Ignis Mommykink Part 4/4

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Re: FILL: "Chin Up" Ravus/Ignis Mommykink Part 4/4

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Re: FILL: "Chin Up" Ravus/Ignis Mommykink Part 4/?

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Ignis/Noctis- Spanking + Daddy kink

Date: 2017-03-03 03:03 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
While sparing together Noctis teases Ignis a little too much in front of Gladio. When Gladio leaves for the day, Ignis pushes Noctis down and Noctis immediately gets punished for being a "bad boy."

Re: Ignis/Noctis- Spanking + Daddy kink

Date: 2017-03-03 03:55 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Awkward anonfail is awkward.

Yes. Please.

Re: Ignis/Noctis- Spanking + Daddy kink

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Gladio/Noctis - Secret Relationship/Hickeys

Date: 2017-03-03 03:27 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Gladio leaves all sorts of very conspicuous hickeys on Noctis's neck during one of their make out sessions or during sex.

Can be pre-game or during the Brotrip,

If pre-game:
+Regis sees and demands how Noctis got those hickeys, and a blushing Noctis has to lie his way out
+Gladio treats Noctis to something special because he just endured hooorrible embarrassment

If during the brotrip:
+Ignis and Prompto notice. Prompto is like ":O whaat" but Ignis nags onto Noctis because he's getting married, what are you doing Noctis??
+Gladio confesses their relationship to the bros
From: (Anonymous)
“It’s been torture,” Gladio rumbles, voice low as he leans down, nuzzling into Noctis’s temple. Noctis is pressed back against the wall of the rest stop, Gladio’s hands on the wall behind him, cradling him as he presses their bodies together. His Shield dwarfs him easily, ten inches in height on him and so much in bulk, pressing him back into the sun-warmed stone. “Seeing you. Every minute, every day, not getting to have you when I know you need me.”

Noctis looks up at him and smiles, hand coming up to curl around Gladio’s forearms, fingers trailing over the edges of the tattooed feathers. He says simply: “Alone time would be nice.”

“Noct,” Gladio’s voice is impossibly low, husky and thick against Noctis’s ear. He’s not quite kissing, but the heat of his breath is enough to make Noctis’s knees buckle. They’ve skipped out on grabbing a bite to eat while Ignis stocked up on supplies just to steal a few precious minutes together and his stomach is growling, fighting against the gnawing hunger of an entirely different kind that's settling low in his gut. Gladio makes him hungry, makes him crave closeness in a way he really hasn't before.

“The next time we camp,” Gladio rumbles as he mouths over the skin, breath tickling just beneath Noct’s ear. “We send Prom and Iggy out for something, I don’t care what.”

It takes all the willpower Noctis has to not let the feeling of it all take him, to let his eyes slide closed against the late afternoon sun and let Gladio press him back into the wall. They don't have time to rent a camper - and it's too early in the day, besides - but if Ignis takes long enough shopping he could at least feel Gladio get hard against him, slide a hand down his pants and hold his dick in his hand. Gladio is always so unguarded in those moments when they're intimate, so honest and sincere and even just a quick handjob hidden behind the rest area’s run-down old shop could tide them over.

“Sounds, ah, good to me,” Noctis pants, turning his head as Gladio’s lips follow a path of kisses across his neck. The wall is rough against his cheek and Gladio’s beard scratches at his throat; small sensations that are so overwhelming after nothing but subtle accidentally-on-purpose brushes of their fingers. Gladio dives in to kiss his neck, mouthing over the salt sweat lingering on his skin, lips fastening over the flutter of his pulse and licking when the quiet moan bubbles up out of Noct’s throat. “That feels so good, gods, Gladio – “

Gladio lets his arms slide down from the wall and latch on to Noctis’s skinny hips, pushing up the hem of his shirt to get at the tender skin beneath. It’s pale and soft; hasn’t seen the sun like his has, isn’t covered in scrapes like his is. Untouched by anything or anyone but him. Nothing but the scar at the base of his spine that's smooth under Gladio’s fingers, no marks but the lovebites and bruises Gladio has left there in the moments they can steal alone. Noctis moans into his mouth, licking at his lips and gasping at the feel of his hands, the way Gladio melts into his touches when his hands latch at the nape of his neck.

They're drawn back to unpleasant reality when Ignis honks the Regalia’s horn, telling their scattered quartet it was time to leave. Sighing, Noctis slides his hand to Gladio’s chest and pushes him away with a frown. “Guess that's all for now.”

Gladio tugs Noctis’s t-shirt back into place and laughs off his annoyance, catching his chin between his fingers and tilting his face up. “Hey. Later, okay? Love you.”

“Holy shit, Noct!” Prompto crows, nearly falling over the back of the front seat as he’s leaned over it to talk to them. Noctis freezes and tugs up the collar of his jacket, but the damage is done. Prompto has seen. “I know what that is, it’s a fucking hickey!”

He’s not wrong, Noctis thinks, but that doesn't mean he needs to point it out in front of everyone.

“Noct,” Ignis chastises. “Need I remind you that you are to be married? While such behavior is not uncommon for royals, it might be in your best interest to be a bit more…discreet.”

“Iggy, shut up and drive!” Prompto laughs, resting his chin on his hands atop the seat’s headrest, looking at Noctis excited. “So who was it? Was it that cute waitress at Kenny’s? Or was it that hunter guy who was chatting you up?”

Noctis feels Gladio tense next to him, but whether it’s from the callout and the tense atmosphere or the insinuation that it was anyone but him with his hands on the prince, he isn’t sure.

“Mind your own business, Prom,” Noct says sullenly. “You too, Specs. I know I’m getting married. It’s…nothing.”

It hurts him to say that it’s nothing. It’s not nothing, it’s never been nothing. It has always been everything; even before he’d earned Gladio’s respect and affection he’d craved his attention, even when Gladio had knocked him to the ground time after time he’d tried to find it in him to get back up and, even if he didn’t want the political parts of being a prince, at least be someone a Shield wouldn’t mind protecting. It’s so much more than that; it’s his heart in Gladio’s hands, cradled as gently as possible in sword-calloused palms.

“No, Noct, c’mon man! I’m your best friend, you gotta tell me!” Prompto pushes. “It’s like, a rule. You’ve gotta tell your best friend who you’ve been kissing because seriously, that is one hell of a hickey.”

Noctis’s shift in position has moved the collar of his jacket, and the bruise Gladio left on his skin feels like it’s burning under Prompto’s scrutiny. He knows Ignis is looking, too, just trying to pretend that he’s not – eyes focused in the rearview mirror, watching his reaction. Flattening his hand over the side of his neck, he stares out the window sulkily. “I don’t have to tell you anything.”

“Gladio, can you beliiiiieve this?” Prompto whines, flopping back down into the front seat with a disappointed thud. “Can’t believe my best friend won’t tell me who his mystery makeout partner is.”

Gladio grunts out something noncommittal, and Noctis nudges his foot closer to his, warm from the sun and more comforting than he’ll ever admit. It’s something they’ve grown accustomed to doing; making sure their feet touch in the back floorboards of the Regalia. A simple, stupid thing – maybe even a little immature – but when anything else would draw attention to what they’ve been hiding it’s all they can get away with.

Ignis pushes his glasses up before consulting the map lying half-crumpled in Prompto’s lap, steering the car left at the intersection and commenting idly “Noctis, I do hope you were discreet. Knowing you, I’m assuming it was, in fact, that hunter, and need I remind you that you are supposed to be dead, and furthermore – “

Between the oppressive heat and the droning of Ignis’s voice, Noctis is damn near asleep with Gladio blurts out “It was me.”

Ignis sighs from the front seat and says “I see. Prompto, don’t –“ but Prompto is up out of his seat again, falling headfirst into the backseat between them.

“No. Fucking. WAY!” he says, eyes wide as he looks from Gladio to Noctis. “Noct, you’ve been making out with Gladio?”

Noctis knows his face is bright red. He can feel a heat in his cheeks that owes nothing to the sun, knows his mouth is hanging wide open. “I, um.”

Gladio leans over so his mouth is right beside Prompto’s ear, making eye contact with Noctis and gods, there’s a fire there. “Yeah,” he says smugly. “So get out from between me and my boyfriend or I’ll make you sorry.”

Re: FILL: Re: Gladio/Noctis - Secret Relationship/Hickeys

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Prompto/Any Chocobro, Mild Body Insecurity

Date: 2017-03-03 03:47 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Though Prompto is much more fit now, he still has a physical reminder of being chubby as a kid: faint stretch marks, preferably along his lower belly and his hips. His significant other notices them for the first time and unthinkingly reaches out to touch along them. Prompto is embarrassed by them but his partner enjoys all of him and thinks it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Please no fat shaming or negative talk about his previous weight. Slight preference for Prompto/Ignis but any Chocobro would be great, OT4 also fine.

[GEN] 5 times Noctis plays the royalty card

Date: 2017-03-03 03:55 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
(And 1 time he didn’t have to? Or maybe 1 time when someone still ignores his order? idk, I still don’t know what the conter point should be, haha)

Basically, 5 times when Noctis pulls rank on his friends. Could be for something bratty (when he's younger, maybe?), or could be during a time when someone thinks he's joking and doesn’t take him seriously, so he has to very sternly insist that what he just said wasn't a suggestion but an order. Because sometimes they get a little too buddy-buddy with Noctis and forget he’s the crown Prince.

- I’d like to keep the orders non-kinky, please.
- No humiliation. No sex-related orders.
- Nothing deliberately cruel

Re: [GEN] 5 times Noctis plays the royalty card

Date: 2017-03-03 04:21 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I'm so happy you posted this again OP. I am the author who agreed to fill this previously, before the shenanigans happened. I wasn't mad at your requests, just with the other anon lecturing me.

Since I'm halfway done with this fill I might as well finish it and post it here. My idea for the title with the counter is: Five times Noctis plays the royalty card and his friends accept it... and one time they don't. Hope that works.

And no, there's no kink, just lots of angst. ;)

Re: [GEN] 5 times Noctis plays the royalty card

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Re: [GEN] 5 times Noctis plays the royalty card

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Re: [GEN] 5 times Noctis plays the royalty card

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Luna - Power of Presentation

Date: 2017-03-03 03:56 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
"I don't want to look pretty I want to look otherworldly and vaguely threatening."

What Luna Wants; she looked stunning during the beginning of Leviathan.
From: (Anonymous)
Hey there, new to making requests on kink memes, but here I go!!

OP prefers Prompto/Gladio or Prompto/Ignis--maybe even OT4; give me a fic where Prompto is super sensitive during sex and easily overstimulated, but in the best of ways!! as a result, he gets pretty weepy during and after sex--fat tears, snotty, drooling, just a messy crier!! no dub-con or non-con!!

Whether his partner(s) are aware of this beforehand is up to the filler!! If they are, bonus points if they get off on it!

Re: Prompto/Chocobros, Crying During And After Sex [No Non-Con/Dub-Con]

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2017-03-04 12:43 am (UTC) - Expand
From: (Anonymous)
In the game Noctis spends ten year maturing in the crystal under the watch of Bahamut and getting ready to battle Ardyn. But what if it's all an illusion and it's actually Ardyn who comes to Noctis in the crystal and absorbs his powers to increase his own and expand the World of Ruin? Think about it:

- Ardyn consistently drew Noctis toward the crystal. It almost seemed like he wanted him to enter it.

- Ardyn became increasingly more powerful in the ten years Noctis was in the crystal. No explanation how.

- Noctis didn't seem to have any extra powers after he emerged from the crystal even though he supposedly was being prepared. His final battles were fought with the same weapons and skills he had before entering the crystal. So what happened to him in there?

+++ Ardyn appears to Noctis as himself and torments him physically and emotionally. Noctis thinks it is part of the trial to prepare him to facing Ardyn.

++++ Ardyn absorbs Noctis' powers by sucking his blood like a vampire or having sex with him in the crystal, either as Bahamut or himself. Again Noctis thinks it's necessary for his ascension. Whether or not he enjoys it is up to you. I prefer dubcon.

+++++++ Ardyn tells this to the Chocobros at one point during the wait and they get mad knowing Noctis is a prisoner of their worst enemy and being used for his powers.

++++++++++ Eventually they get to Noctis but have a hard time convincing him it's all a ruse and that he must leave because he still thinks he is fulfilling his destiny.
From: (Anonymous)

Noctis in chains, NON-CON version (Ardyn/Noct)

Date: 2017-03-03 04:19 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
This prompt and fill was lovely:

I'd like something in the same vein, except Ardyn is keeping Noctis as a sex slave.

Bonus points if Noctis still tries to fight and is not at all submissive or trying to hide away in his mind.
From: (Anonymous)
-sweats nervously-
I'm the A!A from that fill... I... would %100 give this a go if that's ok....

Re: Noctis in chains, NON-CON version (Ardyn/Noct)

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Re: Noctis in chains, NON-CON version (Ardyn/Noct)

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Re: Noctis in chains, NON-CON version (Ardyn/Noct)

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Re: Noctis in chains, NON-CON version (Ardyn/Noct)

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FILL Re: Noctis in chains, NON-CON version (Ardyn/Noct)

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Re: FILL Re: Noctis in chains, NON-CON version (Ardyn/Noct)

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Re: FILL Re: Noctis in chains, NON-CON version (Ardyn/Noct)

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Re: FILL Re: Noctis in chains, NON-CON version (Ardyn/Noct)

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Re: FILL Re: Noctis in chains, NON-CON version (Ardyn/Noct)

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Re: FILL Re: Noctis in chains, NON-CON version (Ardyn/Noct)

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Re: FILL Re: Noctis in chains, NON-CON version (Ardyn/Noct)

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Re: Noctis in chains, NON-CON version (Ardyn/Noct)

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Noctis vs. Tabloids

Date: 2017-03-03 04:22 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
A pre-game fic where Noctis has to deal with paparazzi always trying to dig up dirt on him. Problem is that Noctis lives a pretty boring life, so they start making stuff up about him. None of it's any good, though; it's all really weird rumors (Noctis? Space alien? you'll never believe what we found in the garbage outside of his apartment)

pairings aren't required, but I'm a big fan of chocobro ot4 (or Noctis/any chocobro really)

+they catch Noctis kissing one of his friends & theyre so winded by it that they have no idea how to turn it into a reasonable headline. (Noctis using Crystal Magic to suck life out of friends by kissing them?)
++all the bros are really humored by it and start pulling pranks on the paparazzi & make them feel like they're completely losing it.

Re: Noctis vs. Tabloids

Date: 2017-03-03 04:34 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
*giggle-choke* omfg, this is golden. somebody please fill this!

OT4 Chocobros A/B/O AU Ignis is the group Omega

Date: 2017-03-03 04:25 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
So due to Ignis' nurturing personality, I've always kind of headcanoned Ignis as an Omega for any Omegaverse AUs. I really appreciate that his skills are accepted and appreciated by the boys and aren't played up for laughs (like they probably would be in other media), so seeing a fic exploring this in omegaverse would be cool. Because those skills don't suddenly negate his capabilities otherwise.

Bonus for some pain on Ignis' part once he's blinded and having to try and maintain his role as the group's caretaker (and if you go into the World of Ruin, extra extra points for him trying to keep the rest of the chocobros together). Smut appreciated, but not necessary! Poly fluff is just as fun and mainly what I'm looking for here.
From: (Anonymous)
*slams fists on table* YES YES YES YES!!!

Re: OT4 Chocobros A/B/O AU Ignis is the group Omega

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Re: OT4 Chocobros A/B/O AU Ignis is the group Omega

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Noctis/Prompto - Cryptid Hunters

Date: 2017-03-03 04:37 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Noctis and Prompto sneak out at night with the regalia and go hunting for like a Bigfoot or Jersey Devil or the Eos equivalent of those and end up regretting it.

+ they're messing with each other and have a fun time at first
++ they look at their rear view mirror and see something chasing after them

Noctis - Powering the Kingsglaive

Date: 2017-03-03 04:38 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
The Wall draws power from the King, what if the Glaive did too? So here's Noctis who hates thinking about anything to do with his title, ruling, or anything else that will remind him that his father is slowly killing himself. Noctis, who figures out that the Glaive, while not as bad as the Wall, are still draining his father. So he fixes it.

He finds a Glaive that actually likes/respects/loves his father *coughNyxcough* and tells him exactly what the magic he wields costs; then he offers to fix it. He's the Crown Prince, his father is not the only one connected to the Crystal.

So Noctis eventually has most of the loyal Glaive tied to himself and Regis notices that the drain has gotten less.

+Maybe Regis survives because of that?

Re: Noctis - Powering the Kingsglaive

Date: 2017-03-03 07:30 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Yes! Please someone fill this!

Re: Noctis - Powering the Kingsglaive

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Re: Noctis - Powering the Kingsglaive

From: (Anonymous) - Date: 2017-03-07 03:11 am (UTC) - Expand
From: (Anonymous)
(and the 1 time they were too late?)

Basically Prompto is naive/obvious when it comes to people hitting on him and whatnot. He gets in to bad situations and the rest of the bros jump in to save him. Up to anon how dark they want the story to be.
From: (Anonymous)
Seconding this just because Prompto's early interactions with Ardyn and Aranea make it painfully clear that no one has ever given him the stranger danger talk.

Re: [Gen or Noctis/Prompto] 5 Times The Bros Had To Protect Prompto

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Re: [Gen or Noctis/Prompto] 5 Times The Bros Had To Protect Prompto

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Re: [Gen or Noctis/Prompto] 5 Times The Bros Had To Protect Prompto

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Re: [Gen or Noctis/Prompto] 5 Times The Bros Had To Protect Prompto

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Fill 1/1 Prompto is worth the extra work

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Re: Fill 1/1 Prompto is worth the extra work

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Re: Fill 1/1 Prompto is worth the extra work

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Noctis/Any Tam Lin

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So in the Tam Lin story, the heroine had to hold on to her lover while the Queen of the fairies turned him into a ton of dangerous beasts. If she held on, Tam was hers, and free of the Queen's grasp.

So let's say Ardyn kidnaps Noctis and does some handwavey magic on him to make him daemonic. In order to bring him back to his mortal form, his lover has to hold him through the first few hours of dawn. he shape shifts into various daemons during that time, as the magic slowly leaves his body.

I'm fine with any ship, tho any of the chocobros or Luna are favored. And if you want to go the Tam Lin route where the lover is pregnant, eyyyy that's a ok, friend.

Re: Noctis/Any Tam Lin

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daaammnnn OP, this is such a great prompt! Tam Lin is one of my favourite folk tales, I might have to try and attempt a fill for this...

Ignis/Gladio Shaving

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Shaving is a little more difficult after Altissia. Gladio assists.

(Just give me Ignis, Gladio, a straight razor, and trust!)

OT4 - Illness

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Noctis catches a fever in the middle of the forest and the boys have to take care of him with drastically limited supplies. Good thing Gladio is a survivalist.
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in prompto's episode of brotherhood, luna says that noctis is too busy to hang out much. what if that stayed true in high school?


-prompto and noctis being casual friends at best throughout high school because noctis is so busy with his princely duties
-prompto being completely surprised when he's asked to accompany noctis on The Trip
-the two of them getting to know each other a lot better on the road. and falling in like obv

OT4 Fever

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In which Noctis gets a high fever and the chocobros have to take care of him.

Re: OT4 Fever

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Didn't you just put up a request for this like a minute ago? You may have double-posted?

Re: OT4 Fever

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Re: OT4 Fever

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Prompto is the closest to the king's heart

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Yesterday I found an interesting fan theory about the fact that Prompto is often seen standing on Noct's left side and that could mean he is the closest to the king's heart.

The theory is explained here:

Re: Prompto is the closest to the king's heart

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Anon are...are you me? I was planning a fic like this? And then you requested it?

It's a match made in heaven. Give me a few days and I'll have something.

Re: Prompto is the closest to the king's heart

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FILL on Ao3: Prompto is the closest to the king's heart

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Re: FILL on Ao3: Prompto is the closest to the king's heart

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Re: FILL on Ao3: Prompto is the closest to the king's heart

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I'm intersex spectrum so Every Bloody Time I run across some magical role in fiction only being able to be filled by a certain gender my first thought is to ask to see the fine print on that.

You can write fluffy happy transition fic, maybe with an Oracle helping her kid transition with her magical healing powers. Or you can go the angst route, since it's pretty obvious that the Gods of Eos are a glorious collection of cack-handed incompetents who'd probably set the rules in the most shortsighted way possible.

Either way, I just want to see the Nox Fleurets trying to deal with this rather impractical inheritance law.
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A/N: Don't let the early fluff fool you, I'm going the angst route hardcore. Sorry, Ravus: your life is suffering.

The Oracle was always a woman. Ravus remembered knowing that as long as he’d known anything. His mother was the Oracle, and one day - “Not for very many years yet, dear heart” - her daughter would be Oracle in her place.

Her daughter, Lunafreya.

Because the only thing Ravus had known for longer than he’d known that the Oracle was a woman was that he wasn’t. Even if his palms glimmered with golden sparks sometimes like Mother’s did. That didn’t mean anything.

“Of course it doesn’t, dear heart,” said Mother when he asked her. “The Astrals just get a little confused sometimes, that’s all.” She smiled, and Ravus smiled too, to think of the Astrals making a mistake. He guessed he couldn’t really blame them, when even his parents had been confused until he’d been able to correct them. At his age, parents were far more powerful and important than mere Astrals.

But “just in case”, as Mother said, she taught him what to do with those golden sparks. She taught him how to call on the power of the Oracle, how to sense the Starscourge lurking in a person’s blood, and how to drive it out. Ravus didn’t quite understand why he had to have these lessons, when he wasn’t a woman and so couldn’t be Oracle, but those were still some of his happiest hours, him and Mother and Lunafreya sitting together, or working on their stamina by playing glow-tag in the gardens.

Those lessons tapered off as he got older, but instead he got more time with Father, learning how to rule Tenebrae. He learned economics and history, statecraft and swordplay. Just as Lunafreya was to be Oracle, so Ravus was to be King one day, and there were many things he would need to know. He liked learning them, liked swordplay best of all, liked how the Tenebrae Guard folded him into their ranks without a moment’s hesitation. He was their little prince. He didn’t realize until much later just how valuable that was.

When he was twelve, both Mother and Father called him into Mother’s office for a Talk with a capital T. What followed was the most embarrassing half hour of his young life, but at the end of it they had come up with a plan to make sure his body turned out right as he got older. It would mean getting a lot of special shots, but that was okay with Ravus. He just wanted to make sure he grew into a man. Being a kid was mostly fine regardless, but he knew women grew breasts and curves and he wanted nothing to do with any of that.

The first shots came a month later, shipped carefully all the way from Lucis. Ravus had to struggle to stay still for them and not bounce with excitement. Bouncing was not dignified, but he wanted to anyway.

As he got older, as he got taller and put on muscle and his voice deepened, Lunafreya started to change in a different way. She got quieter, more solemn at strange moments. Ravus asked her what was wrong every time he saw her frown, but she always said, “I’m just a little tired, Ravus,” and even though he knew she was lying he couldn’t get her to tell him the truth.

He went to his parents with his concern, but they just got the same solemn expression on their faces and said, “Being the Oracle is a difficult undertaking,” and refused to explain what was so difficult about it. Lunafreya had been going out with Mother more and more, healing the Starscourge. Maybe talking to all those people was wearing her out, Ravus thought. It sure would have worn him out. He wasn’t much of a people person. The people at the manor were okay because he knew them all, but sometimes strangers overwhelmed him even if they didn’t get his name or title wrong. That didn’t happen so much anymore, though, he thought to himself with satisfaction. He was truly growing into a man. Everyone could see it.

FILL Sacrifice 4/?? Re: Any Oracle, Gendering Roles makes everything awkward

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