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 Holy wow, did I never expect to actually hit this point! We are at 5000 comments on the first round, which means it is now CLOSED for prompting (but of course, fills are still fair game!)

We're going to leave prompting closed for about a week (we'll open up again with a new post bright and early on Tuesday, March 1st!) but in the meantime, I'd like to see us fill as many unfilled prompts as possible.

I know we have a lot of people who come only to prompt, or only to fill, or only to read, and all of that is fine! But over 1000 prompts are sitting unfilled and lonely (including some of mine... *hint hint*) and I think I speak for a lot of prompters when I say I'd rather have a fill written by an unsure, brand new, or out-of-practice filler than no fill at all.

So I'm daring everyone to go forth and fill as many prompts as they're comfortable filling during this week-long fill-a-thon! I'm sure even the most hesitant of writers has one or two prompts they have bookmarked that they're thinking "Well, maybe, if no one better writes something..." -- now's the time. Seize the day! Take the bull by the horns! Write that dirty-bad-wrong fill of your heart! And have fun with it, okay? The point of this kinkmeme is for everyone to have fun.

And while you're filling, you can post in our brand new Fills Post, which exists as a way to make things easier on readers now that there's about to be two posts to keep an eye on for fills. This is a totally optional thing, but if you post a fill, you can go advertise it on the Fills Post so that every potential reader can enjoy your kinky goodness.

And, unrelated to all of that, we have a second mod! Say hello to [personal profile] ffxv_kinknatorwho will be helping out with keeping up with the brief wanky flare-ups and answering questions and organizing tags on the Pinboard. She keeps coming up with more stuff for her to do, so I personally can't wait to see how great this meme will be with her onboard.

With this extra set of eyes on hand, I've also put up an Off-topic/Chatter post, for anyone who wants to make friends or just discuss the game/specific prompts/kinky goodness/etc. This post will be anonymous optional, so you can log in or sign your comments or make friends on other services, if that's how you'd like to roll.

Thank you guys so much for making this meme so fantastic and successful, I'm really happy to be here kinking with all of you.


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