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Some thoughts about Ignis

Date: 2017-03-03 03:38 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Lately I've sorta been wanting to write an instropective little thing about some repressed negative thoughts Ignis might have wrt Noctis following Altissia. The game was pretty rushed about everything in the final act, but I was pretty bummed that there was so little resolution for Ignis' blindness beyond his "I choose not to let it hold me back" speech at the end of the nine dungeon.

I also kinda got bummed that Ignis never got to express any negative thoughts about anyone but himself after he lost his sight. Wouldn't he have had some kind of resentment, if buried deep deep down, towards Noctis over it? Maybe not so much what happened, but the fact that Noctis just withdrew afterwards? At this point, it seemed to me that Noctis wasn't saying much, so Ignis wouldn't have gotten to see that Noctis cared or was depressed due to body language.

Basically I want to write something where Ignis is secretly pleased that Gladio blew up at Noctis because Noctis didn't express more regret and didn't try to support Ignis more after he went blind. And maybe some guilt about it because Noctis is his king, after all, and it's Ignis' duty to serve him.

And maybe some Ignis/Prompto with Ignis appreciating Prompto in a New light because Prompto dedicating himself to helping him after he went blind.

Tl;Dr lots of Ignis feelings on my end.


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