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Hi guys! The meme is off to a great start, and I couldn’t be happier with how well it’s going. I love all of the great prompts and fills we have– and there’s no doubt about it, we have a lot.

That’s why I’m asking for help. When I started this two weeks ago, I just wanted a kinkmeme that I could fill kinky fic on in peace and anonymity, and I had no idea that we’d be such a popular place to fic at. I’ve been spending more and more time working on keeping up with prompts and fills than I have been participating in fandom, which isn’t ideal.

So I’m looking for help! Ideally, I’d love a co-mod who has an opposite schedule from mine so we could keep an eye on the meme and the prompts pinned and everything maintained around the clock (My active hours are pretty much 8PM-10AM EST).

That said, what I am most in need of right now is someone to help me bookmark prompts. It’s a really easy job, if there’s enough hands to do it, but it can get repetitive and boring, and that’s why I want to split the work. A bookmarker wouldn’t even need to have a Dreamwidth account, just a willingness to categorize some kinky prompts and fills and a gmail account. (Pinboard is super easy to use, I promise.)

If you are interested in helping out in any way, shape, or form, please just comment here or send me a message over on tumblr.

Comments will be screened, and if you haven't got a dreamwidth account, I'd love it if you'd include some alternate form of contact so I can reply privately!